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Ten Tiny Tweaks to Increase Joy and Decrease OY in Ten Days

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

These simple Tiny Tweaks will literally have you feeling, moving and looking (incredible) in less than 10 days...seriously! Remember PAIN (my acronym for Pay Attention Inside Now) is your body screaming at you "PLEASE move my dozing parts including booty and brain!"

Click HERE to download the PDF

As Bethanne Wellness, the Queen of More Joy and Less OY, I enJOY teaching Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your moves, and your life to help you move, feel, and look (even more) amazing as well as help you age safely, healthfully and JOYfully in your own home or place of your choosing. Not only am I certified in helping you prevent falls and helping you dramatically improve your balance, brain, and booty (of course) but I also walk the walk because I’ve had struggles with dizziness and balance issues for most of my life. I have saved thousands of others, including myself, from being on the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial” and my Tiny Tweaks can help save you as well!


Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an American Posture Institute® posture ergonomist and balance expert, Age Safe® America Certified Senior Home Safety specialist®, motivational speaker, author, FUNIQ® Fitness Founder, ACE-Certified fitness and nutrition professional ACE-approved CEU provider, and ACE-Certified behavior-change specialist with 35 years of moving assets, changing brains, bodies, booties and preventing falls. Bethanne teaches Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your body, your brain, & your life that will have YOU moving, feeling, and looking amazing in less than 30 minutes…really!

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