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Move Your Assets
From the Chair, Not the Bank!

As the Queen of More JOY and Less OY , and someone who has become fitter and healthier with age despite life-long ailments, defects, and LOVE for food, it is my JOY to entertain, help, and inspire others to become fitter, healthier, and happier by teaching FUN, EASY, and creative ways to move more and eat less (junk) despite aches, ailments, and beliefs about aging.  My mission is to prevent YOU from investing in costly concoctions, deprivation diets, or a slow-moving motorized scooter and get you to ENJOY moving your assets as much as you ENJOY sitting on them and eating. 

Join the move-meant and purchase Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! For a fraction of the cost of one mani-pedi, you will get fit & healthy beyond your wildest dreams, while laughing your assets off, and without uttering the dreaded words workout, exercise, or diet. Say buh-bye to your granny panties and your chair—for good!


“More JOY Less OY”

Book Series

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