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Biography Continued

Meet Bethanne!

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The Queen of More JOY & Less OY!
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Better Brains, Balance & Bodies

Bethanne Weiss, posture and balance expert, author, motivational speaker and The Queen of More JOY & Less OY, is the founder of Bethanne Wellness, a total lifestyle brand, Club FUNIQ® for fun & unique classes, events, experiences, and FUNIQ Fitness® group and personal training for better brains, balance, and bodies (including booties, of course). “I’ve been told I can motivate a stone to move its assets,” Bethanne says, laughing. This is not surprising because motivating people to move their assets, literally and figuratively, rather than sit on them is what brings her JOY.


We Can Safely Age in a Place of OUR Choosing

Bethanne’s humor and energy, (she’s been called a cross between Fran Dresher, a tame drill sergeant and an entertaining circus clown) have put the FUN back in physical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional, and social wellness in small groups, large events, conferences, cruises, corporate settings, master classes for fellow fitness professionals and more. She has 30+ years experience motivating people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to move more, eat less, and get more JOY every day by making, what she calls, simple Tiny Tweaks. “I’m on a mission to teach simple Tiny Tweaks through my classes and speaking engagements to care for our brains, bodies, (and booties, of course), so we can safely age in a place of OUR choosing.”


Bethanne Spreads Joy in Spite of Her Own Struggles

Despite Bethanne’s lifelong struggle with deformed feet, chronic pain, dizziness, and a balance disorder, she continues to spread the JOY by inspiring countless others to care for all their “soul's container" despite aches, ailments, and OY associated with aging. Her extremely entertaining, unique, and interactive programs such as,10 Tiny Tweaks to Live With More  JOY & Less OY, Awareness NOT MindFULLness, and the very controversial Never Focus on Losing Weight Again have wowed crowds at retreats, seminars, and conferences around the US. Bethanne has created a multitude of events and fundraisers for non-profits, managed health clubs, mentored fitness professionals and has been interviewed by the Denver Post,, and many other media outlets. Since 2009, she has written the humorous & information-packed FUNIQ® lifestyle blog.


In 2012, Bethanne was thrust into the unexpected and overwhelming role of caring for both of her aging parents who were in their 80s when they experienced sudden and significant decline. Her incredible ability to make lemonade out of lemons (without adding sugar) took her on an amazing journey which led her to become the “Rockstar of the caregiving world.” Her mantra, “we have to be in shape to help ourselves and help the ones we love,” won her lots of media attention including the now viral video, Confessions of a Caregiver, which aired on Growing Bolder® and Surviving & Thriving® on WESH-TV. She had a big part in WFTV 9’s Emmy Award winning series, Blindsided: The Reality of Caring for Aging Parents. During this time, Bethanne wrote and published the life-changing book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!

“Take it from me, someone who is fitter in her 50s (physically and mentally) than I was half my life ago…YOU can become fitter, happier, and healthier as you age no matter what aches, ailments, and OYs you have. The secret tweak is to trust and believe in YOU and YOUR amazing self rather than the gossip, the potions, the fad diets, and "the they sayers," “gurus,” and “coaches” trying to sell them to you.”    ~ Bethanne

“Despite aches, ailments, and OY associated with aging, YOU can move, feel, and look even more incredible and have so much FUN & JOY doing it – I can show you how!”

~ Bethanne

Watch the video about Bethanne's personal caregiving journey that led her to be the Queen of More Joy and Less OY


• ACE Certified Fitness & Nutrition Professional


• ACE Certified Behavior-Change Specialist


• American Posture Institute Certified Ergonomist


• Age Safe® America Certified Senior Safety Specialist™

•B.S. Business/Exercise Science, SUNY NewPaltz 1987


•30+ years experience moving assets (from chairs) and changing lives

“My parents both passed in 2017. I learned so much about the importance of self-care, community, comfort, forgiveness, patience, and having FUN through this wild journey that led me to create Bethanne Wellness’s Club FUNIQ®. It is a live (and online) community that houses all the amazing life-changing classes, experiences, retreats, and events under one FUN & Unique roof. You can join Club FUNIQ® online, or attend classes and events live at a Club FUNIQ® location, or at your place of choice.


 Bethanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing/exercise science from SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz (1987), is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in group and personal fitness, nutrition, and coaching behavior change. She is is also an American Posture Institute® certified ergonomist and Age Safe America® certified senior safety specialist. Bethanne was one of the first to be certified by IDEA® (International Dance Exercise Association) and Step Reebok back in the 1980s.

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