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Tiny Tweaks to Your Eats

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Not all cooking sprays are created equal

By pure observation, most of my fellow Americans consume SO much empty calorie junk yet have convinced themselves they are eating healthy nutrient dense foods. Even a Consumer Reports’ survey says that 9 out of 10 Americans claim they eat healthy, yet are inflicted with a plethora of hypokinetic diseases including oodles of excess body fat. But it’s not all your fault! Food labels are actually “allowed” to mislead you with words like “healthy,” “natural,” and “organic.” Use your own intuition on this one..."organic candy" your great big heart of hearts do you truly believe that "organic" makes the "candy" healthier? Sometimes it’s a matter of simply tapping into your own intuition and logic as well as reading the ingredients list on the food label; and I’m pretty good at translating them into English for ya as an ACE Certified Fitness Nutirtion Specialist.

The Queen of More JOY and Less OY has your back! I love to share healthy and easy recipes, simple swaps, and easy tweaks to get you off your trunk (aka your fine, young assets) as well as help you cut down on the consumption of empty calorie junk. Here’s a little junk-cutting wisdom, “not all cooking sprays are created equal.” Let moi’ elaborate:

You know that infamous can of cooking oil spray that saves hundreds of calories? Well you will be traumatized, I mean dramatized, too when you read the ingredients. I understand that the chemicals used to propel the oil from the can and keep it from foaming are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, but, wait what??…silicone? And many peops (even you) may spray this stuff directly on their food…Eww!

I’m all for saving hundreds of calories too. And at 120 calories per tablespoon for ANY oil (yes, even extra virgin olive) pouring directly from the bottle into the pan or onto the veggies is not always a terrific option if you’re working on (I always like to replace "trying" with "working on" because the latter is a lot more of a commitment, isn't it?) cutting the extra calories. Well guess what?…You have options! Option #1 is to make sure the only ingredient in that store bought can is the oil! Trader Joe's EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil) spray has no other ingredient listed besides extra virgin olive oil, costs less than $3 and there are 0 calories…Woo Hoo-gotta love that!!

Option #2 is to purchase your own self-pumping spray bottle on amazon or your place of choice. Here's one on Amazon that costs less than $10. Fill it with your oil 100% pure olive oil (or other healthy oil of choice that is safe to cook with) and spray away without the added chemicals. Added bonus: you can use it over and over and don’t have to clog up the planet with lotza empty cans. Though I must admit that the disposable type is a bit more user friendly :).

Let me reiterate that the propellants and anti-foaming chemicals in these cans are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. However, most registered dieticians, licensed nutritionists, and ACE-certified fitness nutritionist specialists like me will tell you to choose foods as close to G-d’s form as possible; what I like to call “single ingredient foods”. And THIS always holds true…the less ingredients listed, the better, and make sure that you recognize them! For example, I buy Quaker or store brand “old fashioned oats”. The only ingredient on the label is “whole grain rolled oats”. You should not need an interpreter to read your food label, but if you do, contact me HERE and I can help translate into English. You will learn many Tiny Tweaks to your Eats in My upcoming book, "More Joy, Less OY: A Guide For the Perplexed"...coming soon so stay tuned! In the meantime, purchase my amazing life-changing book, "Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!" if you want to cure that nagging NoAssitol disease whilst laughing your assets off simultaneously!

Luv, Bethanne

As Bethanne Wellness, the Queen of More Joy and Less OY, I enJOY teaching Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your moves, and your life to help you move, feel, and look (even more) amazing as well as help you age safely, healthfully and JOYfully in your own home or place of your choosing. Not only am I certified in helping you prevent falls and helping you dramatically improve your balance, brain, and booty (of course) but I also walk the walk because I’ve had struggles with dizziness and balance issues for most of my life. I have saved thousands of others, including myself, from being on the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial” and my Tiny Tweaks can help save you as well! Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an American Posture Institute® posture ergonomist and balance expert, Age Safe® America Certified Senior Home Safety specialist®, motivational speaker, author, FUNIQ® Fitness Founder, ACE-Certified fitness and nutrition professional ACE-approved CEU provider, and ACE-Certified behavior-change specialist with 35 years of moving assets, changing brains, bodies, booties and preventing falls. Bethanne teaches Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your body, your brain, & your life that will have YOU moving, feeling, and looking amazing in less than 30 minutes…really! Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation HERE


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