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10ish Tiny Tweaks to Age safely, JOYfully and Prevent Falls

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I have a little pop quiz for you to test your knowledge of falls (not the season.)

Answer True or False to the following:

1. Falls are the leading cause of injuries in adults 65 and over.

2. Those who fall once are 2x as likely to fall again.

3. 75% of falls happen at home.

4. Falls are a normal part of aging and are NOT preventable.

5. If I want to prevent a fall I should limit my activity.

6. Muscle strength & flexibility CANNOT be regained.

7. Balance training and awareness of posture are among the BEST preventers of falls and can also get me a better brain, balance, and booty (by Beth) of course! :)

8. CDC says that 50% of falls can be prevented by making tiny tweaks and simple modifications to the home.

Falls are the leading cause of (non-illness related) ER visits and account for more than 800,000 hospitalizations per year. They are the

leading cause of (non-illness related) death in people over 65 and 75% of falls occur at or around home. Those that fall are 2x as likely to fall again. Contrary to popular belief, aging does NOT cause a fall! What causes a fall is:

  • lack of muscle strength, flexibility and not moving enough!

  • avoiding important moves such as climbing, bending (properly,) sitting and standing (properly,) and simply walking which can all dramatically improve balance.

  • lack of awareness (not paying attention to our body parts and our surroundings simultaneously.)

But…the great news is falls are VERY preventable and all of the above can be remedied with simple Tiny Tweaks to significantly improve posture, balance and prevent falls. Here are 10ish of my favorite “tweaks” that can benefit YOU as well:

Awareness (not MindFULLness) is the Key! Who needs a more FULL mind?

1. Be AWARE of your body parts and surroundings and use Bethanne’s fav posture tweaks at all times! The full list is HERE. Here are a few:

  • Eyes and girls front at all times (yes, those girls!) Looking ahead and not down will not only help you increase your visual field and awareness of surroundings, you will greatly improve your posture and brain function.

  • Bend down not over. Imitate how a baby squats to bend. Not only are you more stable but “squatting” engages your glutes so your knees, low back and hip joint don’t take the brunt of the bend.

  • Focus on feeling your pinky toe(s) on the floor to prevent valgus collapse (knees turning in) which is responsible for a majority of falls in older adults.

  • Wake up your dozing asset muscles by squeezing and using them to pick you up (off the toilette, off the couch, up the stairs, etc.)

2. Do simple moves in life that create more awareness, better balance, and improve brain function and wake up those “dozing, shut-down” muscles.

  • Do simple moves with opposite hand: eat, brush teeth, open door, your ideas?

  • Alternating knee lifts and butt kicks, walk sideways, backwards (make sure you turn your head to improve neck flexibility and see your surroundings,) and climb those stairs!

  • Work on getting up and down from the seat, couch, car (eventually the floor) with out grabbing on to anything for assistance including your own body…the latter takes practice but it will dramatically improve balance, posture and keep you from falling.

  • Walk on uneven surfaces with awareness and practice.

  • Your ideas__________________________________________________

3. Go to a group fitness class, hire a trainer and do whatever you can to strengthen and stretch your ALL your muscles and work on improving your balance and your posture. Amazing benefits at any age.

4. If you avoid Tiny Tweaks 1-3 you will probably need to install grab bars by toilet and tub. The choice is yours!

5. Get eyes checked once per year.

6. Have adequate lighting outside and inside.

7. Remove rugs that are not non-slip and tack down corners w/double stick tape.

8. Remove clutter from all walkways and hallways.

9. Have a plan of escape in case there is a fire and have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

10. Have contacts close by and ICE in phone (In Case of Emergency.) Do you know how/who to contact for emergency?

As Bethanne Wellness, the Queen of More Joy and Less OY, I enJOY teaching Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your moves, and your life to help you move, feel, and look (even more) amazing as well as help you age safely, healthfully and JOYfully in your own home or place of your choosing. Not only am I certified in helping you prevent falls and helping you dramatically improve your balance, brain, and booty (of course) but I also walk the walk because I’ve had struggles with dizziness and balance issues for most of my life. I have saved thousands of others, including myself, from being on the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial” and my Tiny Tweaks can help save you as well!


Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an American Posture Institute® posture ergonomist and balance expert, Age Safe® America Certified Senior Home Safety specialist®, motivational speaker, author, FUNIQ® Fitness Founder, ACE-Certified fitness and nutrition professional ACE-approved CEU provider, and ACE-Certified behavior-change specialist with 35 years of moving assets, changing brains, bodies, booties and preventing falls. Bethanne teaches Tiny Tweaks to your eats, your body, your brain, & your life that will have YOU moving, feeling, and looking amazing in less than 30 minutes…really!

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