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Tweak Your Life

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“What’s next for me?”

If you have been asking yourself this question repeatedly, you are certainly NOT alone!  We all have a next chapter and Bethanne can help you write yours. Tiny Tweaks to your daily life not only change you physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and socially as well. Simple Tiny Tweaks to your eats and your moves will reshape your body and your brain getting you fit and healthy beyond your wildest dreams. Read more...

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Take the Virtues in Action Character Strengths survey for FREE to find your top strengths and let Bethanne help you utilize them.

Tweak your life

Tiny tweaks to your thoughts, your words, and your self-perception can add JOY and meaning like you’ve never experienced before. YOU have all the tools you need to live more JOYfully and less OYfully, you just need a little FUNIQ® Coaching to help you unlock YOUR amazing potential.


As an ACE-Certified Behavior Change Specialist and someone who walks the walk, Bethanne teaches Tiny Tweaks to your thoughts, words, and self-perception that will give you More JOY and purpose almost immediately. One of Bethanne’s favorite coaching tools is the VIA Character Strengths survey. It is an absolute life-changer and it’s FREE!  Just click on the link above to take the 20 minute survey & find your top strengths. Let Bethanne help you utilize them for More Joy and Less OY now!

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