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Membership opportunities coming soon!

A Private Membership for those who wish Bethanne could be cloned!

On-Demand Videos to have the Queen of JOY & Less OY available 24/7 to teach:

•  Tiny Tweaks to Your Moves

•  Tiny Tweaks to Your Eats

•  Tiny Tweaks to Your Brain

•  Tiny Tweaks to Your Social Calendar

•  Tiny Tweaks to Your Life

•  Delicious & Healthy Recipes

•  Simple Swaps

•  Discounts on Live Events and Retreats

$9.99 per month or

$99per year

Bethanne's Tiny Tweaks Produce BIG results!

•  Lose body fat while “sculpting” ALL your muscle groups

•  Increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility and get rid of aches and ailments

•  Improve posture and stand taller even after the first class

•  Strengthen your heart, lungs BRAIN, and all of your organs

•  Dramatically decrease stress and drastically increase energy

•  Sleep better, feel better, love life!

Membership has its Benefits!

By becoming a FUNIQUE® member, you will have access to ALL of Bethanne's expertise including her Tiny Tweaks Focused Exercises for any troublesome part of your body, Tiny Tweaks to your eating habits to help your get to your goal plus interviews, blog posts and more -- all to show you how you can be the queen of your body with more JOY and less OY!


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